Fishing Tackle Box Quick fishing tips

fishing tackle box

Time is money and we do not always have several days to be attached to the shore. Here are some brief tips for those days when you can only take the cane for a while fishing tackle box.

On many occasions the chores only allow us to go out a little while – which is usually a morning, an afternoon or just a few hours – to fish. How to get performance at a mini session? What to wear and put on the hook to fish? Where to move? We tell you.

The observation comes first

I have a morning free of fishing and I’m crazy to catch something. Well, before going to an area without having previously visited it does not usually give good results. As advice we should always go a few days before to observe the presence of fishing, jumps, bubbling, and movements in the water … this is already an indication that we are on track.

If after this we add a previous priming, the chances of success increase. Once the fieldwork is done, we can begin by considering the saving of time, equipment and priming.

 How to deal with my fishing minission?

In these fishing minissions, what is important is the saving of many things. To start you have to reduce equipment and priming material. In the second place, it is interesting to bring the assemblies and prepared baits, so that as soon as you arrive at the post it is to throw and wait.

I usually carry my bags of pva or meshes with the bait on the hook placed, with which I previously primed days before. I also usually carry spikes instead of a tripod with alarms and tensioners already in place. I even carry other assemblies prepared in case there is a quick bite and not waste time preparing all this need. Remember that time is money!

What baits do I use?

The ideal would be to fish with what we have primed days before, if we have not been able to perform this action I always resort to baits that act more quickly. These are not other than soluble baits, these have the peculiarity of releasing their aromas, flours and oils before. Especially when the water is warmer it is when they will work best, although for cold waters they are also highly recommended.

Another bait that always comes with me in fast fishing is the pellet. A bait with incredible power of attraction, releases the oil almost instantly and the fish takes it as if it were natural food.

Nor do you forget the seeds such as chufa and corn, baits that always bet very high and that rarely fail, although sometimes with these baits the small minitalla cannot be avoided.

Should baiting in minission?

Depending on the time of the year. I would say that for spring and summer it is interesting to put some bait before throwing the reeds and in the place that we have previously chosen. A little seed, together with some pellets and boilies of the same flavor and halves will always be something irresistible to call fishing.

On the contrary, in winter and in the advanced autumn this should be reduced, since the fish slows down its metabolism and ingests less food. The thing to keep in mind is that priming should be reduced in quantity, but how much? This is very relative, since in each scenario there can be a certain amount of fishing.

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